How to choose good shock absorber strut mounts for cars

The function of strut mounts

1. Cushioning shock absorption

The strut mount for the shock absorber is made of rubber, which plays the role of buffer and shock absorption. That is to say, the pressure glue is good when you pass some speed bumps, it will put your car in the tire completely landing and then lift your body up the feeling of micro comfort is particularly good.

2. Sound insulation effect

The strut mount also has sound insulation effect. When the tire and the ground produce tire noise, top glue can reduce tire noise, avoid excessive tire noise transfer to the cab, the tire is bumpy ground bumpy can reduce the direct impact on the body.

Therefore, the common damage of automobile shock absorbers, in addition to the shock absorber itself, also includes the damage of the strut mount of the shock absorber.

Need to replace the top adhesive several situations

1. Abnormal Sound

When the strut mount of the shock absorber is damaged due to serious wear, the vehicle shock absorber will make abnormal sound when working.

2. Direction offset

When the damping rubber is damaged, the vehicle direction may be slightly offset, it is difficult to return to normal, and the phenomenon of low strength of return to normal.

3. Louder noise

Due to lacking of the cushion of the top glue, the shock absorber in the process of working, it will absorb the vibration and impact without reservation from the frame to the driving room.

4. Turning in place with abnormal noise

Even if the shock absorber is not working, due to excessive wear and damage of the top glue, it will make a very obvious abnormal sound when moving the steering wheel in place.

Where is the difference between our strut mount of shock absorber in the motor from others’ ?

1. Process

Most refer to the original factory data 1:1 production, can be directly adapted to the original parts

2. Metal material

Standard steel is used to prevent breakage and deformation

3. Rubber material

Imported rubber, long service life

4. Surface treatment

Electrophoresis, paint, zinc - nickel alloy and other exquisite technology

5. Production control

Every production link is controlled in strict accordance with ISO international standards

Post time: Jul-09-2022