Pls consider replacing the engine mounts when these symptoms appear

The car engine is connected to the vehicle body through the rubber components of the engine bracket. It does not require frequent replacement, but it is a component that inevitably deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced.

Estimated time for replacing engine mounts

 Ordinary people rarely replace engine mounts and rubber buffers. This is because, generally speaking, the cycle of purchasing a new car often does not lead to the replacement of the engine bracket.


The standard for replacing engine mounts is usually assumed to be 100000 kilometers per 10 years. However, depending on the usage conditions, it may be necessary to replace it as soon as possible.

If the following symptoms occur, there is a possibility of deterioration. Even if it has not reached 100000 kilometers in 10 years, please consider replacing the engine support.

・ Increased vibration during idle speed

・ Emit abnormal noise such as “squeezing” during acceleration or deceleration

・ The low-speed gear shifting of MT cars becomes difficult

・ In the case of AT vehicles, place them in the N to D range when the vibration increases



Post time: Aug-05-2023